the betty ogiel foundation

The Betty Ogiel Foundation is a non-profit registered organisation inspired by the founder’s difficult life experiences in pursuit of education and better life.

The Foundation supports girl-child education at a higher level. The targeted girl child is from Karamoja and Teso living in dire circumstances and has a dream to attain higher education. Our goal is to turn this girl child into a skilled person who will live a dignified life through employment of the skills attained.

We mentor her to become self-reliant and always to strive for a better and fulfilled life through working with determination, resilience, ingenuity, and grit to achieve their personal, family and community goals.

Much as the foundation was established purposely to uplift the girl-child, we have not been discriminatory in our activities; some of our beneficiaries are boys living under dire circumstances. We shall give priority to the girl-child but not leaving out the boy-child who is in need.

The foundation is financially supported by contributions from friends, partners, members, and well-wishers. Membership is open to all who desire to see the lives of the girl-children in dire circumstances improve.